Do you want to burn fat, build muscle or increasing strength and stamina? Are you unhappy with your current exercise routine?

Are you out of shape and feel the time has come to make a change? Then welcome to kettlebell London. Kettlebells are not just the latest fitness craze in Europe and America, they’ve been used for over 300 years in Eastern Europe. They are suitable for everyone, men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes. We have used kettlebells to help high performance athletes increase their strength and power but we have also helped overweight, unfit and unhappy people of all ages improve their life.

If you want to give it a try you need proper instruction. Attila is a qualified Level 2 Russian Kettlebell Challenge Instructor and has been training most of his life. Above all this though, he has an ability to make you feel comfortable pushing yourself. At kettlebell London you will learn more than just kettlebell swings, you’ll learn how to improve yourself. Contact Us for more information about training with us in London or browse the rest of the site where you will find the history of kettlebells, success stories and more reasons to contact us!

We have kettlebell classes and private lessons for all abilities and experience. There is no better kettlebell training in London!